Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bye-Bye Summer...

Waaaaaaa....I am always so sad when Summer is over. Even tho' I am thrilled to put away the pool stuff and start wearing my pants (yes, I am at that stage when I much rather cover my legs with pants than to expose my "mom legs" to the world), I yearn for the feeling that I have just knowing it is summer.

Every year I tell my kids that we will be doing school throughout the summer as it seems like a good idea so that we don't lose the math skills, etc, etc. They now laugh when I start in on the merits of year round schooling. They know me too well... It is me - even more than them - that can't wait for the start of summer, to whip out the flip flops and "chill" - they know all too well who will cave in and say "eh, let's just skip it this summer..."

This summer was a bit tough in some ways, too much down time, too much heat, but we did manage to have fun...gonna post some pics of the highlights. The truth is, that some of our fun summer moments went without cameras or photos...bye-bye summer!

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