Thursday, July 12, 2012

Family happenings...

Hi peeps! With all the adoption hoopla going on around here, I realize I haven't kept up to date with the family happenings around here.  We have had Easter, some birthdays (#3 became a teen), a prom, a graduation (more about that in a later post), two ER trips for a concussion and stitches, school music concerts, a trip to Germany (John), trips to cousins and grandparents, visits from several sets of cousins, lots of "Goodwill Hunting" with the cousins, lots of swimming,  a kung fu belt test, dance recitals, a "Gotcha Day" celebration, and I am sure a whole bunch of other stuff that have made my life too busy and made me feel like a chicken with my head cut off... 

Here are some photos to get you up to speed...I realize that often I was too busy to even think to pull out my phone/camera..

Easter Day 2012

Drew and his girlfriend Zoe

Drew and other high school grads being recognized and prayed for in church.
First ER visit of two for a concussion
Hanging out at the cousins' pool.
When the cousins visited, we spent an afternoon hunting at three different Goodwills - here is our collective haul!!
Gotcha Day 2012
Much more went on and I haven't been so great of catching it all on film. April, May and June are always so busy. Life is slowing down a bit now with summer in full swing. The four older kids have all been blessed to attend Christian youth conferences this summer (the older two are there now), and the little girls have been enjoying vacation Bible schools at several area churches, and swim lessons. As always, we have spent lots of time at the pool, playing games, watching movies, and hanging out with friends. The beach trip is just two weeks away - woohoo! We can't wait!

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