Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Well, whataya know?

I never meant for this blog to turn into an "adoption" blog. I know that sounds funny but I really set out to record the happenings of our family, some of my thoughts, and post a whole lotta photos. I guess in many ways, a blog could save me from my endless guilt for not keeping up with my scrapbooks.

(I am sooooooooo behind in my scrapbooks.)

I realize most of my posts these days focus on our current adoption and while that is good (and at times, the most newsworthy), there really are lots of other happenings here at home. Kids are growing up (way too fast, I might add) and we are in the thick of trying to figure out a new fall schedule - complete with many different schedules, activities, etc.

This morning found me a bit discouraged. I was feeling sorta down as I left the house this morning to walk Moo-shu (the dog). I was feeling like I am behind with household chores - the laundry piles are pretty heinous about now. I am not really prepared for all the subjects I need to teach the 3 that are home this year - 2 are a bit behind in some areas and I just can't decide the best curriculum and way to go with them. 
My kids are whining and carrying on about doing any school at this point. 

But the biggest thing getting me down is the adoption (I know, here I go again about the adoption...). I have felt a bit discouraged - feeling worried about the money and that although we have had some wonderful help from family and friends...worried that it just won't be enough. While many have been encouraging and excited for us, some, have not. I have found myself worrying that what God has called us to do, well, that He won't come through somehow with all the little details and money needs and emotional needs and....well, you get the picture.

As I turned to head home with the dog, I saw it.
A rainbow.
It was over my house and I didn't have a camera.
So pretty and so unexpected.

*** Not the actual one from today but you get the idea.

I even felt a bit guilty when I saw it.

God was reminding me. He's got this thing.

Later in the day, He moved a mountain for us.

Our dossier is waiting for one document to be returned from NY state. We have been waiting for 3 weeks for this document to be "stamped" and sent back to our agency. Our agency had called to check on it and had been told it would take three weeks. 

Three weeks have now passed so I decided to have a go at it. I was told quite firmly that this was going to take 6-8 weeks as they were so behind from summer. At first they couldn't even find my birth certificate (the document in question). I needed to call them back after getting lots more info from our agency with regard to when it was sent, how it was sent, what color envelope (?), etc.

At some point the fact that we needed this for an adoption came up and she told me we could "walk in" to get it which would be faster.


A bit too far from VA...

She put me on hold, and quite honestly I nearly hung up. The phone was silent for so long and I was pretty sure that she and I had become disconnected. I was bumming out that our adoption would now be pushed back at least a month due to one document and the fact that they were behind because employees had been on vacation.

I really almost hung up.

When she returned to the phone she was laughing and giddy and nearly crying. She told me that she had talked her supervisor into doing our form now, since it was pulled out. That because we were adopting (I then told her all about T, and about being a native NYC girl, and about how God had just done a miracle through her), that because of all that, she was going to push us ahead and that she and her supervisor were so excited. (A huge shout out to my new friend, Mrs. Griffith and her boss in NYC!)

They estimate it will be on its way in the mail tomorrow - not Sept 28 (the date she had estimated to me at the start of our conversation).

Well, whataya know?

I get teary just writing this out.
God gave me such a boost today.
Thanks to HIM for HIS kindness to me this day - with something I needed - which seemed impossible -  which was threatening to make me feel even more discouraged.

He sees,
He knows,
He cares.
He is active in the details and in our little concerns and worries.
He is faithful.

*** I have linked this post to a wonderful blog called A Place Called Simplicity as part of Memorial Box Mondays. Click back to their blog to read about others' stories of God's faithfulness.


Renee said...

Wonderful story of how God works out the details for us. Stopping over from Linns cyber home

Mom Of Many said...

I have tears too! I love the favor that God gave you for your birth certificate. Yippee Jesus! He LOVES to do that kind of stuff for us! Miracles abound when we set our hearts on loving the orphans. Thank you so much for linking!

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