Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I have AMAZING news! An awesome friend and her family (a fellow adoptive family) have offered us a wonderful and generous gift. We are overwhelmed by this family's kindness, generosity, and encouragement to us. They have offered us a matching gift.

They will match all puzzle pieces purchased from today until the end of 2012 - up to $500.00!

If you have given to us already - thank you so much - we are humbled and so very grateful. If you have been wanting to help us out by sponsoring a piece or one for each member of your family, but haven't yet - now is the time!

The puzzle we are putting together is pictured at the bottom of this page (bottom border of the blog) and is a 500 piece, children's puzzle of the world. Each piece of the puzzle costs $10.00 to sponsor. When a piece is sponsored, the sponsor's name is written on the back of the puzzle piece. Once the puzzle is completely sponsored, our family will put the puzzle together, glue it (never tried that before), and frame it between two pieces of glass so that the names are visible on the back. This will be a visual reminder to T in the years to come of all who have shared in our effort to bring her home.

Purchasing a piece can be completed here on the blog - at the right, on the chip-in (it will take you to Paypal and can only be seen when using your computer - not phone), by check, or by cash. If you are interested in paying by check or cash, let me know in the comments here, on Facebook, in a letter, or in an email (juliesnell@picturehealth.net). If you are buying several puzzle pieces, be sure to tell me the names that you want on each of your pieces.

At this time, all our adoption agency fees are paid (the last one should be paid in another week). Now we are saving for plane tickets, hotel stay, travel expenses, visas, dr. appointments in China, adoption fees paid while in China, etc.

I will be regularly reminding you - here, on Facebook, in emails - about this matching gift challenge (hope all my peeps won't get sick and tired of me). We so want to make the most of this gift - to be able to add another $500 in donations toward the puzzle - and thus earn the $500.00 match - will get us $1,000.00 (duh, I know you can add...just wanted to write out the $1,000.00!) closer to our daughter! Please feel free to share this post link with anyone you know who might be interested in playing a part in bringing a little girl home to her forever family.

In the meantime, I am working hard on planning our holiday market open house in November, here in our home. We will be hosting up to 10 vendors here at our house for some comfortable Christmas shopping and fun fellowship. Our vendors have graciously agreed to gift us with money toward our travel expenses rather than with hostess reward products. It is shaping up to be a fun event - which will benefit our adoption fund as well as help all our kind-hearted vendors meet some new customer contacts and sell some of their goods! I'm looking forward to a full house! More details on this event coming soon.

We are constantly working around here to add to our adoption savings account. Just this past weekend we threw together a rather impromptu garage sale - so last minute. But we had lots of clothes, a few pieces of furniture, and a few other items that we decided to part with. We did well for the little that we put into this event and sold nearly everything!

I have finally gone through our basement shelves of homeschool curriculum and books and have advertised and sold nearly all I was willing to part with. A few of my baby items (handsewn baby blankets and knit hats) have been selling in a local friend's store - we received a check from them just yesterday... it all adds up.

We are continuing on with our coffee sales (coffee would make great office or teacher gifts, hint, hint) and we hope to have a t-shirt available sometime closer to  Christmas.

Thank you to you, my growing community of blog readers. I appreciate that anyone takes the time to check out what's happening here - to listen to my ramblings, and brags on my kiddos. Thank you to all who have given something to help us to reach our little girl. I appreciate you all - my friends I know in person, and the friends I know only through "blog-land." You are all special to me!

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