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Compassion Sunday

Compassion Sunday 2012

Hello to those of you who are stopping by! Today was Compassion Sunday at church and I got to set up a display, say a few words to the congregation, and show a video about something near and dear to my heart - child sponsorship through Compassion International. For those of you who missed church, or who don't live nearby, here's what I shared -

We saw a short, sweet video that followed two "Elizabeths," one a sponsor and the other, her Guatemalan sponsored child. The child, through an interpreter, relates her story. This is a child who, in the eyes of the world, has nothing. She lives in obvious poverty, has no mother, a father unable to work due to injury, and she is doing the housekeeping and care for her younger siblings.

But the light in her life is the Compassion program at her local church that she attends. There she receives food, health care, educational help, and Biblical teaching about Jesus. She is there because she has a sponsor - Elizabeth from the USA. She and Elizabeth exchange letters and drawings, prayer requests, and friendship through a relationship through the mail. Her life's story has been changed because of Compassion and her sponsor's help. I just figured out how to share the video so here it is if you missed it -

Compassion Sunday 2012 Elisabeth (short) from Compassion International on Vimeo.

I challenged our church to see if we could sponsor all 25 of the child info packets that I had at our display out in the lobby. Sponsorship is a wonderful ministry - just $38 a month. You can forever change the life story of one little child living in extreme poverty and most importantly, introduce them to Jesus Christ.  There are many wonderful groups that have child sponsorship programs but through our family's years of sponsorship, we have found Compassion International's Christ-focus (where care is given through a local church and families are plugged into a church community) to be our favorite.

Well, God was faithful and moved in the hearts of many today - 19 of the 25 children were sponsored. I am hoping to speak again at our Bible study on Thursday and perhaps more will be sponsored. We will try again next week as well. Feeling so excited that 19 new children will be getting wonderful news soon that they have been chosen to participate in a Compassion program. Great things are in store for them! Of the 19 that were chosen today, several were children who were considered to be "priority" kids - ones who had waited over 6 months to a year for someone to choose them. YAY!

The simple act of saying "yes" to the opportunity to sponsor is huge - huge for that child and also for the sponsor. I can't tell you the number of times that our sponsored children have written us of how they are praying for us or show care about our wellbeing. It is truly humbling. I consider them my "extended family" or my  "long-distance kids." They hold a special place in my heart.

While I am at it (plugging Compassion and child sponsorship and all..), I want to encourage any of you who might be curious or want more info, to check out the Compassion website ( for lots more videos and information. You can find pictures of children from all over the world (or search a particular country, age child, or even a child born on your birthday) and begin a sponsorship right now - today! If you are local - I still have 6 beautiful children's info packets - kids who are waiting to still be sponsored by our church family.

That's it for today guys, Happy Compassion Sunday to you - I am happy to say that....

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**UPDATE: By the end of the week, all 25 children had sponsors! AWESOME!

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