Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oops...I've done it again...

Yikes! Where has the time gone????? I am just the worst blogger! Life has been busy and full and for the most part, fun! I am so tired by the time I get to sit down and even have the chance to blog, that I don't! Ah well, I am determined to keep it up somehow and will try my best to keep at it. Not so sure anyone reads this blog but me...but hey, thought I still needed to explain myself (to myself...??)

It is April and Spring and I don't think there is any time in the year that I like better than the fresh new Spring days when things start to come alive and green and colorful. Gone are coats and boots and mittens and I just love it. We had such a mild winter in Virginia this year - two snow days where the kids actually had to wear boots (of course, it was the ONE year that everyone had a pair that fit when it snowed) and got to sled. Rather a dull winter actually tho' I was secretly loving it.

Christmas was awesome. In fact, it may have been our best one yet. It was low key and full of family time. As much as we love our extended families coming for visits (a yearly tradition) we didn't have any visitors until later in the week this time (Jill and family came for New Years which was awesome). This gave us nearly a week to "hunker down" together, do our traditions like the ginger bread house, cookies, gift wrapping, and Christmas movies - alone. We were able to focus more (never enough) on the beautiful gift of Jesus for which we celebrate. Everyone got along so well, and we played lots of games and  - well, it was just great.

We were so busy in the weeks before Christmas (with The Nutcracker and other activities) that it was just nice not to go anywhere or have anything rushing us around.  Kate was in The Nutcracker this year which was neat for her. She has been doing ballet since she was 2 and a half - yes, you read that right. She was begging to do ballet when she was 2!!! (no, I was not a stage mom urging her to want to dance). So we started her in a little pre-ballet class during the summer before she turned 3. She has danced ever since (she is 15). She is a beautiful dancer. Ballet has always been her love but she is also finding she loves jazz, modern and lyrical as well. All these years of dance, and Kate never got to be in The Nutcracker until this year when her dance company performed it. She was a wonderful, high-jumping rat, and a flower in the Waltz of the Flowers. Seven performances later and we had all had it with the music but were so glad she finally had the chance to perform in this production. Sadly, this is the only photo I have on my computer (have some professional ones). She's not even in full rat costume here...but you get the idea!

We were much more low key on presents - but had a last minute bonus from work which enabled us to get a few extra surprise gifts that people weren't expecting. Everyone loved what they got and it was just a wonderful family time. I just loved being cozy with my family and not going ANYWHERE. Here are some more pictures of our Christmas time fun!

P.S. FAKE TATOO (from the dollar store and - his favorite gift!! Bleh...)

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