Tuesday, December 11, 2012


64 days ago our adoption dossier (the huge pack of papers covering every detail about us) was logged in to the People's Republic of China's adoption affairs offices. We knew the wait at that point could run anywhere from 30-90 days. 

Today marked day 64 and I had stopped even expecting the phone call from Seattle. So today when I least expected it, the call came and the phone said Seattle, and well, tears slid down my face.

You see I had just had a pretty emotional last 24 hours with some kid "stuff" here at the homestead. I had no sleep stressing over the situation that was going on and was not feeling too well on top of that. Today found me teary and defeated. To get the call today that our Letter Seeking Confirmation for our adoption had arrived to our agency from China...well, it was a gift from God today. He gave me a wink. 

So what does this mean? Well, this is a huge turning point because at this point, we know, that barring any problems, we will be traveling in three months!!! YAY and EEK! That means mid-March! 

It also means that we are able to send off a care package to OUR little girl (well, she's not technically OURS yet, but it is as tho' she is "promised" at this point). To receive permission from the agency now, telling us how to go about sending a package, is huge. Back when we were in the process of adopting our girls from Ethiopia, rules were much more relaxed there and we were able to send several packages - even some before the girls were told about us. With the sending of those packages, we received back words about how the girls had reacted to gifts, pictures, even video. Precious, precious gifts when you are waiting so far away with so little info about your children.

This will be our first and probably only care package to our little girl in China. My guess is that this will be when her foster family will officially tell her about us and explaining that she will be leaving at some point to her forever home in America. As excited as I am, my heart breaks a bit too. This little girl can hardly be expected to know what this all will mean for her. It will be a bit frightening and overwhelming. I am excited to finally make the connection to her, but sad as well. Her foster family could never really be the long term solution for her, we know that. But she is young and has only her memory of them as her family. 

Tomorrow I will be contacting the organization in China who sends out the care packages (yes, there are actually several groups who do this as a job!). We will be ordering a group of items - probably a doll/stuffed animal, blanket, food, and a photo album of our family (gonna have to choose a bunch of great photos of all of us and life here). Often a disposable camera can be sent with the package for the family to take pictures of everyday life in the foster home. This camera will be saved to come home with her for us to develop and save for her - precious memories of her days in China. The care package deliverers will take pictures and get an update on our daughter for us. I can hardly wait!

So at this point, we are now in about a month-long process of immigration approvals, then on to visa applications for all of us and T, then awaiting travel approvals and plans. Can't believe we are actually to this point!


I had mentioned before, that the puzzle is completed (we will be putting that together over the Christmas break). Thank you to all who donated a piece(s).

The numbers are in on the Holiday Market fundraiser - we made just over $1,000!! That was our goal and despite such odds the week before the event, God was faithful. Thank you to all my friends and family who ordered, and came to shop that day. 

We are sending off grant applications and will be awaiting, with hope, some help with travel expenses.

Our "Cha-ching for Ting" banks are not in yet. A few have come in and we are hopeful to raise a good bit from this fundraiser. If you missed out on getting a bank, you can still help by saving your spare change for us in a jar. Drop it off when it's full. Every little bit helps. We are putting everyone's change into a large jug that we have (and it's getting full!). When all the banks are in, we will have a coin rolling party and figure out our grand total. Bless all of you who are participating with this project.

And, our "Chip-in" is still located in the right side-bar. If you are still wanting to donate toward our costs, you can give a Pay-pal donation that way (or by mail or in person). We aren't too proud to say that we can't do this without the Lord moving in hearts to help us.

All our precious donors' names are at the bottom of the blog (scroll down). If you have helped in some way but don't see your name, please let me know. I don't want a single one of you left off. All your names represent answered prayers as well as proof that God is able to bring a little girl all the way across the globe to the family He picked out for her before time began. What an amazing thing. Can't even believe we get to play a part. 


likeschocolate said...

So excited for your family! This also means that we get to meet your little one too!

Julie said...

Thanks so much - we are getting so excited! Our agency won't allow us to show photos til we get her (boo - so disappointed about that). She is so cute and we are so excited to order a care package today! YAY!

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