Thursday, December 20, 2012

Twenty years and counting...

 Twenty years ago, two young and in love kids (ok, so we weren't exactly kids),  took the "plunge" and pledged their love in front of family and friends. It was John's 26th birthday. It was a magical day/weekend and far surpassed anything I had every imagined as a girl. I can remember standing up there feeling so excited to be joining my life to John's, to be Julie and John, not just Julie.

 It's even sweeter now. Looking back at these pictures I see the promise in our faces. The excitement to start our life together as partners in every way. We look so young, so innocent really.
We had no idea the journey God was planning for us. Amazing.

We were blessed to find each other, blessed to get along so well. We are blessed that we can still make each other laugh, and smile, and blush. I still can't get over how cute my husband is - he really is. Still.

I am blessed. We are blessed. I can't believe I found the man of my dreams. John is a renaissance man, he can do and make anything. He is smart and witty and compassionate and loyal. He is musical and talented in many things. He is knowledgable and strong and generous and selfless. He is a man of God and has taught me so much. He puts up with me and has given me the most precious children. He is my knight and my hero. Ok, sorta sappy...but true. I just love and adore this guy. He is God's most special gift to me. I waited a long time to find him.
We have had so much fun over these 20 years. We have grown together and grown our family (that's for sure) and have cried and laughed (mostly laughed). It's been a fun 20 years!
I'm excited about the years to come. 
Love you John...

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