Monday, November 12, 2012

The pits...

I mentioned in an earlier post that three other happenings had gone on around here in the last weeks. First were the kids' birthdays, the hurricane was the second, and the third was the election.

 As the election got closer and closer, I found myself feeling more and more awkward and alone. Not an easy thing to explain and perhaps I am on Facebook way too much. The ranting and posting was making me a bit sick (luckily I don't watch much tv so I escaped the mean commercials), but I saw a whole lotta other mean stuff on Facebook.

I am not a political person and if one were to look back across my life, I have wavered and changed in my thinking of what is ok, how government should run, and how and why I choose a certain candidate.  I do not watch the news nor read it most of the time now, and perhaps to some I might seem a bit misinformed about many of the daily goings-on of politics, government and international affairs.

I did not comment on anything political on Facebook until the day of the election when I did "like" a posting of one friend's that spoke of choosing the  candidate most closely aligned with Biblical principles. I believe it may have actually been a Billy Graham quote.

I am already tired of being challenged as it is about what I believe and the choices we have made for our lives - they are not the choices that the world typically makes or promotes. My faith and the core beliefs this country was founded on are also apparently no longer what the world typically believes or promotes anymore either. 

 Frankly, I don't so much take all that too personally but feel badly that what is really at stake and what is really being challenged is my God and his Word. I do think that now more than ever we need a candidate who will tow the tough line of old fashioned values, stricter moral codes, respect for life, a government with a plan and one who applauds those who work hard. I want a leader who will seek to pay off our debt and who sees the importance of supporting Israel.

I was not excited about either candidate and quite honestly, it was hard to get too excited over the whole thing except that I want the above listed things for this country - a country that some of my children will be entering as young adults in the next four years.

I am disappointed in the results obviously, and tho' it was exciting to take my just-turned-18 year old to the polls with me (it is always exciting to me to vote - I feel very patriotic),  I felt a pit in my stomach all day and even more so as the results came in late Tuesday night.

The pit is still there...feeling sad that our country is so torn in two - sorry, but it is. Both sides of the issues are so very different - there is no in between.

 I am feeling sad that despite the victory, the tone of hateful anger from those who were for the winner - continued on Facebook for days after the election. I find myself confused - it is those very people who claim that the win was a victory over hate. Just sayin' and keeping it real folks. I have to say that NOT ONCE did I see an ugly statement from someone who felt they had lost that night - only sad and concerned comments. 

I will not comment further about this issue after this post, but I will say that I will continue to stand for what the Lord stands for:  

Life - despite the inconvenience or inability to accept the consequences of behavior.  
Babies are a blessing from the Lord.
Family - as God designed it only. 
Marriage - as God designed it only - a spiritual and holy union of a man and woman's lives. (Let me be clear - this is not about hate, this is just what the definition of marriage is according to the one who designed it).
Hard work should be rewarded and not penalized.
Debt that continues to grow without a plan to repay, is not okay
Israel is to be supported. 

I think we are very foolish to think that God will continue to bless a land that chooses otherwise. Needless to say, I will do my best to support our President because I love our country. I will commit to praying fervently for him and the others in the government (because as we all know, decisions are made by many in government - not just the President) as they face the future.

Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God's side, for God is always right. 
Abraham Lincoln 

(insert palate cleanser here)
 Now on to another PIT...our new fire pit!!

John spontaneously built a fire pit. So strange, I had been thinking of asking him about one since we were planning the teens' party. Guess he read my mind. He built it while we were away at Jill's and we have had so many fun nights of roasting marshmallows, hanging out by the fire, and enjoying our backyard. It reminds us of many fun campfire nights with the Snell family and cousins in Maryland and Maine. 

I will leave you now with some fun pictures of our new evening past-time...marshmallows and our fire pit! I have replaced one pit with another pit - and I like this one so much more...

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