Monday, November 19, 2012

WOW.... was beyond what I imagined.

God was faithful and pulled together our little fundraiser...despite all the work I wasn't able to do because of being so sick last week (I knew He would do it!). Friends volunteered to help and cook and provide drinks and details. Invites went out and friends brought friends.

Our little fundraiser, was a great success. The house somehow got cleaned and somehow there was plenty of room for all the vendors and their stuff. A steady flow of shoppers (sometimes it was very crowded) just kept coming. Food kept showing up. The weather was glorious so kids could play outside (cause I hadn't even considered having the basement cleaned up for playing kids - we had shoved a bunch of things down there to clear out our first floor).

so wish I could show you T's pictures - at least the party was able to see her!

 And I felt better than I had in a week.

It was a huge blessing. The vendors I didn't know before were so wonderful with hearts for the orphan and adoption.  All our daughters sold items they had made as well as several little girls from our lifegroup and church. All our vendors were kind and supportive - and fun to have here!

To top it off, I learned that morning that it was National Adoption Day. I had not had any previous knowledge of that when I scheduled the event. God was smiling down!

Many people came to the party - thank you, thank you. We sold some tshirts, lots of our Just Love Coffee, and puzzle pieces. Nearly all our Cha-ching for Ting banks were taken. There was lots of laughter and fun. I wish I had taken more pictures (and better ones - especially during the big crowds - but I was BUSY!! (and socializing of course, what I do best...). I missed a picture of cute little Bethany with her knit hats, and many of my amazing friends who baked and stayed to help. Love you all!

Despite my scheduling snaffoos, John and Jack made it back from the chess tournament to catch the end of our event. Jack was sporting his silver medal - 2nd place in his age division for his first tournament. GO JACK!

Now for the info you are here (hopefully!) to check out:

If you were unable to attend on Saturday, or live too far away (hello to all my extended family!), the following vendors will continue sales this week that will benefit our adoption. Do some Christmas shopping in the comfort of your home over the upcoming holiday. Stay away from all the mall crowds and Black Friday maniacs (oops, sorry if you are a Black Friday maniac...).

Here are all the websites and some assistance on how to order so it benefits our fundraiser. Thanks in advance for your prayers and shopping support!

Thirty-one Bags --    Click on "my parties," then click on "shop now" on the Julie Snell line. (If you have trouble viewing this site from Chrome - it wouldn't open the page for me - try Firefox - I had no problem opening it there!)

Silpada Jewelry --  Click on "shop Silpada catalog," then click on "find your hostess now," then click on "continue shopping."

Do You Bake? --  Scroll down for the event - it is listed as Julie S Fundraiser. Click "shop with this event."

Miche Bags --  you will see open parties on the left - we are Julie Snell fundraiser.

Pampered Chef  --  click "shop on line," then type in Julie Snell, then click on Julie Snell.

Blessings Unlimited --  Just order, it will go toward our event.

Tastefully Simple --  Click on "host a party," then click "search" under the "searching for a host or party,"  then click "select" and type in Julie Snell VA, Nov 17

Mary Kay --  Just order, it will go toward our event.

Premier Designs Jewelry -- if you are interested in this jewelry, check out their website Contact Jennifer at I have catalogs for local folks!

Our family thanks you so very much for your support as we get closer and closer to bringing little T home!! God bless!

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