Wednesday, March 13, 2013

China Trip - Post 6 - Visit to the Boatong Buddhist Temple

As I told you in our last blog post, after the rather stressful morning events, Xiaoting and I hung out at home (after eating some very yummy dumplings we brought in for lunch). The rest of the crew headed out with our guide Sarah to visit a nearby Buddhist temple, built in the fifth century. It is still an active temple. They traveled by subway and spent a couple of hours touring the temple and climbing the very narrow and claustrophobic stairwell to the top. They saw the monks and heard the chanting and watched as others left offerings to the statues and prayed to the idols. All very fascinating to our crew who have been lately studying Genesis.

Later we walked to a nearby local restaurant for a huge spread of yummy food! The food here is quite fresh and has so many different flavors. Hubei province is known as one of the "spicey" provinces with regard to food. As well as typical touring photos we have taken quite a few "foodies" as well!! Enjoy the temple photos -

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