Monday, March 11, 2013

China trip Post 3 - Beijing

As for the Great Wall - it was breathtaking. It was all we imagined. So ancient and so cool. We all just kept saying - " I can't believe I am here." Yes, our afternoon was at THE wall after a wonderful lunch at a jade factory where we learned all you ever wanted to know about jade (actually quite interesting) and purchased a few items.

We went straight to the airport from the Great Wall. The drives were long and congested between each place and by the time we got to the airport we were grateful to sit for a bit (I was as my foot was aching and I needed to put it up- luckily I don't think I broke anything but it is a bad sprain - trying to just ignore it and keep popping the ibuprofen!). A quick flight later and we arrived in Wuhan - capital of T's province. Our guide Sarah met us at the airport and drove us the hour trip to our wonderful (5 star - we are bing very well taken care of!) hotel -and off to bed. Enjoy the photos. We have hundreds already so I will try to just post a few of the highlights. Gotcha day is tomorrow...I will try to at least post some photos tomorrow night!

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