Sunday, March 17, 2013

China Trip - Post 11 - Liuhua Exercise park, Chen Clan Academy and Folk Art Museum, and squatty potties

Sunday was another touring morning. We headed out early to the Liuhua exercise park. Wow is all I can say. Hoping our photos will give you some idea of what a cool place this was!! It is obvious why the Chinese are in good health, live long, and are usually not overweight ( we all know the food selection has a large part to do with this too). This park is a typical weekend hangout for many - particularly older people and families. There are people everywhere and they are exercising. No fancy exercise clothes or shoes, just movement and stretching going on everywhere.

There are colorful playground-like equipment all around for muscle strengthening and stretching, a beautiful flowered walking path all around a lake, people doing sing-a-longs, tai chi, fan dancing, sword routines, ping-pong (the boys were invited to play!), Chinese chess, a children's playground, amusement park type rides, dance halls, boating, radio controlled boats to play with (we thought of Uncle Allen!) - it was such a rich visual of lifelong exercising. Really cool.

Our next stop was the Folk Art Museum of the Chen clan. Apparently, about half the families here in this city share that last name. This was a beautiful building with such intricate art work displayed of all sorts of mediums. Some of the displayed art was old but most are more current. Often the actual artist is there - we saw a paper cutter sharpening his scissors about to do his craft (we weren't even aware that his art was actually paper cuts - see the red artwork below - they were so intricate!!)

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention. Used my first squatty potty. Just had to. I tried pigeon, I must try the potties. All the sites we have visited have squatty potties. I have helped Xiaoting with some. Tutu skirt and all she did just fine. After seeing how its done, I figured I would give it a go (literally). No problem. It is actually a brilliant idea. Ladies who do the "hover" over public toilets: you would appreciate the ease of this method. You don't touch a thing (and truth be told, squatting is easier on the thighs than hovering!). A woman is in the bathroom cleaning and mopping constantly so it is very clean. But if you ever give it a try, take your own tissue. That is never provided!! Luckily, I knew that...hehe...

Our afternoon was a napping one and resting up. John and the bigs went to a two story Starbucks for a drink, and we went to a yummy meal at a Malaysian restaurant. Super yummy with lots of curry (which John and I love!). We were joined by a woman and her daughter who arrived yesterday. They are with our agency and their entire two week trip will take place here as their son is from this province. They are from Georgia and will meet their 6 year old son who has muscular dystrophy on Monday.

Enjoy the photos.

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likeschocolate said...

I love seeing that you guys are are really getting out and seeing the country. I see so many families on various blogs who only maybe go to the zoo and then hang out in the hotel room. Realizing every child is different and may not be ready for the adventure it is still nice to see your family taking full adventure of your journey.

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