Friday, August 12, 2011


It was a summer of cousins. Sadly, I wasn't as great with a camera as I would like as there were 7 cousins who didn't get into my photos this year - we got to see all but one this summer. My children are so blessed - they have 15 first cousins. We spent the week at the beach with my family's cousins - plus a weekend with Janie's family with us and almost a week at Jill's house. We spent the weekend of the 4th of July with John's family's cousins, plus a week of art camp at Sue's house and a visit from Kathy and kids here at home. We got to visit with Anne and kids for a while at the beach (my step-brother's wife and kids whom we haven't seen in a few years).

Growing up I had 4 cousins. My mom was an only child and my dad's siblings lived far away from us. We saw them a number of times while growing up but didn't share the relationships with them that my kids have with their cousins. My cousins were older and my kids' cousins are all around the same age.

Thank you God for our family - for John's sisters and my sisters and their families. Thank you for the blessing of cousins - for summer fun and growing up together!

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