Sunday, August 7, 2011

Doro WHAT?

So all week I have been saying that I wanted to do something ALL together this Saturday. With kids ranging from 5 to nearly 17, it is hard to find a time when all are present, and willing to do an activity. Well, Saturday morning came and we still had no idea what to do. It started raining then and then our choices became very few .... so what did we do?? We took a drive to Harrisonburg, VA (about an hour away) and had lunch at the Ethiopian restaurant there - The Blue Nile. We have been talking about going there for two years now (since the girls came home) and this was our first time actually going. Cute place, with many Ethiopian baskets and art. Sadly, there were no Ethiopian folks there (we had hoped there would be for the girls' sakes).

The yummy Ethiopian lunch buffet looked great to half of us...I have a picky crew. John, Drew, Ben, Jemila and I enjoyed the Doro wat (a spicy chicken meal) and the injera (the "spongy" rolled bread used as your utensil to scoop the food), and the spicy peanut soup and a few other things that I am not sure what they were - but they were yummy. Kulate tried a bit of everything but in the end, turned up her nose and decided she didn't like anything but the American fare that Kate and Jack ordered. (Ben also ended up not really liking the food and mooched off the American food plates). Oh well...we tried. I think the girls enjoyed seeing the Ethiopian things and we spent the day driving around James Madison University and through the city of Staunton. Not exactly my vision for the day, but still ALL together and having an adventure.

Until the next time - Julie

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Ashley said...

I've tried injera before! It was quite different. I went to an ethiopian wedding where they served traditional ethiopian food and also had some at Mountain Mission School where many of the kids are from ethiopia. They LOVE their injera to say the least!

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