Friday, August 5, 2011

Where to begin??

So here I am starting my FIFTH blog. "I didn't know you blogged??" you say? Well, I never told you - or even allowed my blogs to be public because quite frankly, they never had much on them!! (note: I have also tried journaling too many times to count only to quit the second or third day...). So the odds are against me here but I have been such a blog follower since we began our adoption journey that I just can't help but try again to keep a journal of our daily escapades here as we do this thing called life together.

We are a loud and busy bunch, trying our best to be a family that follows after Jesus. John and I have four biological children (Drew, Kate, Jack, and Ben), and we adopted two little sisters from Ethiopia in 2009 (Jemila and Kulate). The picture here is our first family picture as a family of 8 - taken on the steps of our Ethiopian guest house only a couple of days after meeting our girls and becoming the family we are now. We had finally completed the year long angst-ridden process of adoption and we were about to embark on a whole new life - one full of blessings but also challenges. We have just passed the 2 year mark of having our girls with us.

I am not much of a writer but I will make an effort to keep this, my FINAL blog, up to date! It is my prayer that this blog will be a way to share my thoughts about life, family, homeschooling, adoption, knitting, and sewing, as well as journal and remember events in our life - and in every way, glorify God. Until next time - Blessings - Julie

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